About Us

Gstlogy is a comprehensive website for GST. GST being the biggest indirect tax reform since independence we thought it is essential to have a detailed study on GST. Since GST subsumes lot many indirect taxes like Central Excise Duty, Service Tax, VAT, Central Sales Tax, Octroi, Luxury Tax etc it is really important to study GST and its provisions with respect to the old laws on how GST is similar to Central excise and also how GST is different from central excise. Truly imbibing the principle of one nation one tax we thought one website is required for GST. Gstlogy derives its name where GST is the subject matter of it. 

Gstlogy aims to study GST on all the dimensions comparing with other indirect tax laws, impact of GST on Indian economy and sector wise impact of GST is also aimed. This is a continuously evolving website where the study on GST is always underway. 

Gstlogy is the one-stop website for GST where inputs have been obtained from multivarious sources including Chartered accountants, Tax administrators of state and central government, Law experts, Business experts, Analyts and researchers. Gstlogy is one-stop solution to GST needs in what are the changes you are required to make due to the implementation of GST starting from Migration and registration to Assessment. 

Gstlogy provides complete personalized analysis on how GST affects the economy in general and sector in particular.. what are the advantages, benefits of GST and also the difficulties and detrimental effects of gst. Gstlogy is thus a comprehensive portal for GST.